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Professional Audiobook Narration

Christian Leatherman

Authentic, Lively, Dynamic

Professional Audiobook Narration

Christian Leatherman

Authentic, Lively, Dynamic


About Christian

As a full-time audiobook narrator of over 60 audiobooks (so far), I have been fortunate enough to perform in many genres — fantasy, romance, sci-fi, nonfiction, and mystery/thriller — to bring life to complex worlds and characters ranging from a Southern android assistant to an early 20th century kid from Brooklyn who ran away from home. I never would have guessed that my previous life as a forensic science student and a beer/malt biologist might have prepared me with the medical and forensic jargon all too common in police-procedural thrillers and dense nonfiction but, here we are!

Though tasting beer for a living was enjoyable, I couldn’t ignore my creative voice screaming at me to utilize the acting and vocal performance chops I had developed but put aside for far too long. Making the leap into audiobook narration was the missing catalyst to fulfilling my true artistic passion: performing engaging stories and breathing life into beautifully-written characters who yearn for a voice. With an enthusiasm for taking on multiple genres, unique vocal variation, and a youthful sound, I can’t wait to energize your next great story!



Major Accents Performed

American Southern

Texan (East & West)

North Carolina



Deep South

New York/New Jersey 

American West Coast

General British 


London (Urban/Cockney)


Northern Irish 



Minor Accents Performed

New England / Boston

Southern Irish (Cork)


American Midwest 


General Scottish 



German (Austrian)

American Cajun

New Orleans “Yat” Accent

Polish Yiddish (Jewish) 

Featured Work

Rain of Shadows and Endings

The Legacy Series, Book 1

A World the Gods Forgot

Of all the worlds and life they created, the gods favored their children the most. But with that favor came the fear that their Legacy would one day become too powerful and overthrow them. Devram was created. A realm hidden amongst the stars. The gods gave their Legacy the best of all the worlds, and then they left, a sworn agreement to never return and to never interfere.

A Historical Event

Forced to a life of servitude, the Fae are required to provide for the Legacy in more ways than one. Every five years, the eligible Fae are gathered for the Selection and assigned to serve in one of the six Kingdoms. To be chosen as the personal Source for a Kingdom Heir is the greatest honor, and for the first time in a millennia, all six Kingdoms have heirs choosing a Source. But their selections could tip the power balance a little too far.

A Chosen that was Never Meant to Be

Tessalyn Asura was as forgotten as the realm. But when she finds herself the personal Source to the Heir of Endings, she winds up serving in the darkest Kingdom of them all. The secrets within the Arius Kingdom are meant to be learned and kept, but this was never the life she wanted. Fighting not only the fate thrust upon her, but the temptation to lose herself to desire, Tessa will do anything to escape her new destiny. Until she starts to realize maybe their world wasn’t as forgotten as they thought, and maybe she’s the reason why.

Latest work

Proficiencies & Equipment


Conversational in Spanish

Well-versed in forensic, medical, and scientific terminology

20+ years of vocal performance



Microphone: Lewitt LCT 540 Subzero

Pre-Amp: Audient iD4 MKII

DAW: Adobe Audition & Audacity

Studio: VocalBoothToGo 1″ Acoustic Blankets w/ Carpeting

Studio Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 Ohm


What People Say

This is probably the best audiobook experience I've ever had. Christian Leatherman's acting is absolutely top-notch and truly brought the story to life. Each character had such personality and sounded distinct from each other, so much so that I could tell who was speaking without the dialogue tags. If the voice he uses for narration is his standard speaking voice, which I'd assume it is, then the voice he uses when the main character speaks shows that each voice is carefully chosen to match the characters. All of them feel perfect and his range in performance is breathtaking. The emotions in the story hit all the harder from his performance and I'm genuinely thinking about buying more audiobooks he's narrated just to hear his other works! The story itself is surprisingly complex. What I expected to be a simple little romance quickly turned into a plot full of mystery and political intrigue. This is the first fae romance novel I've read, so perhaps this is just normal for the genre, but I was thoroughly impressed with the world-building and evolution of the plot. Its complexity never left me confused, and I feel that the little threads of intrigue that are brought in at the beginning of the novel get woven into the plot throughout, making the gradual escalation of stakes and mysteries feel natural and exciting. I expected a cute little fluffy story and instead was brought on an adventure through a plethora of emotions, and I'm impressed by the number of times I had to pause and just stare at the screen with my mouth agape or yell into my pillow. This story was such a fun time and I can't wait to read the next books 🙂
Audible Listener
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So this was the first book I had read by [Author Name] over a year ago and I've been in love with the series ever since. I have now listened to all the audiobooks- though out of order- and all have been a joy, largely due to the exceptional talent that is Christian Leatherman. He is such a fantastic narrator! He puts so much emotion and care into the voices he does. I love the different accents he uses for the characters that have them and all the different voices he does are easy to distinguish between. But overall it's the emotion that affects me so much. There is one scene here where [Main Character] is injured/damaged and you can HEAR it in his voice. It was such a powerful moment for me that I had to take a break- even though I've read this book before and knew everything that happens. Fantastic and I highly recommend all of the audiobooks in this series!
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"Christian Leatherman does a stunning job! There's a massive array of supporting characters, with a variety of accents, and Mr. Leatherman has set the bar pretty high for my expectations of his future performances. And let's hope there are many more to come!"
Audible Listener
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